In 1927, the passing of the town charter brought together three subdivisions, The First Addition of Colmar Manor, Lenox, and Top Notch, to form the Town of Colmar Manor as we know today. Later on other subdivisions were added, such as Colmar Manor Section 1 and 

"Subdivisions are the act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop, usually via a plat. The former single piece as a whole is then known as a subdivision. Subdivisions may be simple, involving only a single seller and buyer, or complex, involving large tracts of land divided into many smaller parcels.[1] If it is used for housing it is typically known as a housing subdivision or housing development, although some developers tend to call these areas communities."- Subdivision (land) - Wikipedia

These subdivisions do not mean much now, but they are a piece of the town's history. You can view the original subdivision plats below.

First Edition Image
Lenox Subdivision Image
Colmar Manor Section 1 Image