Hispanic Outreach Committee

The town of Colmar Manor is a town that is close to everything, making it a hidden gem. It is home to a diverse community in which the population was historically African American. In recent years the Hispanic population has grown. According to 2021 census data, the city's population is approximately 1,588 residents, of whom 51% identify as Hispanic. The city wants to ensure that all residents participate in the activities - this is why this committee was started.

Purpose of Committee:
This committee will assist the town, mayor and council in their efforts to inform Hispanic residents about programs and events in the town. This opens up the opportunities provided to the people for everyone. It will also help for the town administration to know the priorities of this demographic - for example, interpreting meetings, translating town forms, news and more. More importantly, it would allow Hispanic families to more easily participate in the town. The committee works to give Hispanic residents the comfort to share opinions and express concerns or ideas to improve/support the town.

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