Business Licenses

Business License Requirement

No person shall engage in or carry on, any business or trade in the Town of Colmar Manor, for which a license fee is imposed by the terms of  this ordinance, without having first obtained a license from the Town of Colmar Manor.  Payments for all licenses shall be made to the Clerk-Treasurer, and no license shall be granted until payment of all outstanding taxes, fees and penalties shall have been made in full.  Every license shall specify by name, the person, firm, or corporation to which it shall be granted, and the location at which such business, trade, or calling is to be carried on.

This requirement is for all contractors, home based business, web based business, storefronts, and consulting as an example.

Business License Changes- FY 2023

The town passed Ordinance O-05-2023 which changed the town’s business license. This change simplifies the licensing fees. The new business license will be a two-year license with a new expiration date. The previous license expired on April 30th. The new license ordinance has set an expiration of June 30th. Your current license expires on June 30th 2023. The license fees are due by July 1, 2023 to avoid penalties.

Additionally, if you have a liquor license there is a new application for those businesses. This law was previously in place but had not been fully enforced. The new ordinance updated this process and will be enforced.

Business License Form