Council Meetings

Colmar Manor holds two types of Council meeting, the work session and the Town Council Meeting.

The Work Session is held on the first Tuesday of the Month. This meeting is held to discuss matters before the town in a less formalized manner. Decisions on purchases and appointments can also take place at these meetings. 

The Town Council Meeting is held the second Tuesday of the month. This meeting is a formal meeting where the Council votes on major decisions, hears reports from departments, and gains input from the public.

Per the Town Charter, other meetings can be held from time to time when needs arise. All meetings are open to the public.

Town Cable Channels

Town of Colmar Manor residents can watch video of the Town Council meetings on the Town cable channels and zoom.  Council meetings are rebroadcast twice a day, every day at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Watch the Town Council Meeting on:

Channel 71 on the Xfinity Network

Channel 19 on the Verizon Network

     FY 2024 Work Schedule
Month  Work Session Council Committees 
July/August   Break  
September   Charter Review
Ethics Commission
FY 23 Budget Adjustments
October    Strategic Planning
ARPA Realignment
Charter Review 
November   Charter Review  
December   Charter Review Proposals
Mid-Fiscal Year Budget Review/Final Projections
Code-Vacant Property Tax
Document Policy
Finalize Ethics Committee Appointments 
January   Council continues Charter Review
Parking Update

Employee Manuel 
Public Budget Recommendations
February   Finalize Charter Amendment
Certified Local Government-Historic District
Code Enforcement: Yard Sales, Signage, Rentals
Public Budget Recommendations
March   Budget Introduction  
April   Council Retreat  
May   Elections (tentative)  
June   Budget Adoption   
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