Mayor and Council

Mayor & Council

The Mayor and Town Council is the legislative body of Colmar Manor. The Council is made up of the Mayor and four Councilmembers. The Town is divided into four (4) wards with one (1) representative from each Ward, while the Mayor is elected at-large by the residents of the Town.

The general responsibilities of the Town Council include:

  • Developing the goals and vision for the Town
  • Adopting the annual budget
  • Setting and approving tax rates
  • Passing ordinances to enact local laws
Determining policies to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community. 

Mayor Monica Casañas

Monica Casanas Photo for Website - Copy
Elected May 2022
Council Member Maliek HardingCouncilmember Harding
Ward 1
Council Member Irina Hobbs Irina Hobbs - Copy
Ward 2
Council Member Keith Brooks
Councilmember Brooks
Ward 3
Council Member Melinda MendozaCouncilmember Mendoza
Ward 4