Mayor Monica Casañas
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A warm welcome from the Town of Colmar Manor, the little town that can, also known as the place of choice for people who love community and nature. We value history, diversity, culture, and welcome everyone.

A high-energy community, Colmar Manor is a part of the Port Towns and is the gateway into Prince George’s County Maryland. We have a business district, historic points of interest, parks, and beautiful homes where you’ll find a hardworking community. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented community.  Our churches, community gardens, parks, safe and family-friendly neighborhood, and town facilities are extraordinary. Public safety is vital to our community and our Police Department, Public Works and Town Administration is outstanding.

As a mayor and council, we are focused on progress, the beautification of our community and programs and events for our town residents. We offer recreational activities at our town hall and within our parks. We host year-round events that bring neighbors together. Colmar Manor is a great place to live and work as we explore development opportunities and focus on economic revitalization.
My administration and I are committed to serve you and everyone at the highest level possible. We strive for strong and safe neighborhoods, a healthy and sustainable environment, and abundant parks and recreation for all families. Colmar Manor offers a walkable environment with many transportation choices including a trails system.

Our diverse population gives our community a rich mix of cultures. You will see in our community a growing, involved population of partners and volunteers eager to help and work together. We invite you to experience our community's hopes and aspirations and share your own as well. Various projects throughout the town and within the Port Towns, all point to a bright future for Colmar Manor.

With a sense of purpose, striving for progress and community pride, I welcome you to the Town of Colmar Manor a Port Town community.

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Monica Casañas
Mayor of/Alcaldesa de Colmar Manor, MD