The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for providing financial direction and management of Town assets; implementing the Town’s financial policies and procedures; and monitoring of financial performance against legally adopted budgets.

The Treasurer’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of exemplary service and ensuring financial integrity by providing the Mayor, Town Council, management and our citizens with timely and accurate information.

Responsibilities of the Finance Department/Treasurer

  • Establishing and maintaining sound fiscal policies
  • Producing and monitoring the Town’s Annual Budget
  • Preparing financial and administrative reports
  • Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Managing the annual audit
  • Collecting and disbursing Town funds
  • Collection of local taxes
  • Processing the payroll
  • Overseeing and monitoring all Town purchases and ensuring all purchases are in accordance with federal, state and Town laws
  • Serving as the Custodian of all Town funds
Our Current Clerk-Treasurer
Clerk-Treasurer Baden - Copy
Dan Baden

Our current Clerk-Treasurer is Dan Baden. Dan has been with the town for 33 years. He has previously served as a Town and City Treasurer for three other communities throughout his career.