Town Code

As an incorporated municipality, the Town of Colmar Manor has its own regulations and ordinances adopted by the Mayor and Town Council known as the Town Code.   These regulations and ordinances have been adopted in an effort to improve the safety and livability of the community.  The Town Code, along with fines and penalties, is below:
Highlighted Ordinances:

Vacant Property Registry

The Mayor and Town Council recently enacted an ordinance under the Construction and Installation, Buildings-Public Nuisance, Article 3, Section 3-201-205. This Ordinance requires that any building or lot vacant in excess of 60 days and or is vacant having one or more public nuisances; the property owner must within 10 business days register the building as "VACANT."   The fee for registering the property is three-hundred ($300) for a residential unit, six-hundred dollars ($600) for a commercial building (including apartments) and seventy-five ($75) for a vacant lot for a 6 month period.

Forms for registering a vacant property are below.